Vista Upgrade, Deal or NO Deal?

In my last article talking about the new Windows Vista, I noted that there are companies out there that will sell you a new computer with Windows XP on it and also give you the ability to upgrade to Vista at a later time for free. While this sounded like a good deal at the time, many people are now finding out that the process of going through this upgrade is a hassle, if not impossible.

In a PC World article found HERE, we find out that many people are jumping through hoops to get the promised “free” upgrade. Some of the many issues that people are running into are; paperwork nightmares, the disc simply never showing up, rather long on-hold times, and repeatedly having to mail in proof of purchase. While this is common with a lot of “rebate” programs out there, this is not the norm for Microsoft from what I know of.

Mail in rebates and offers of this kind are sometimes intentionally over complicated in hopes that the consumer will simply give up trying to complete the process. Usually these type of rebates involve a complicated form of some sort that includes little description or instructions and then months later you will get a notice that your rebate is now invalid since you did not properly fill out the form.

Most of the Vista upgrade problems seem to point to ModusLink, the company responsible for processing a good majority of these requests. ModusLink handles the Vista upgrade process for Acer, Fujitsu, Gateway, HP, and Toshiba. Although Dell is not mentioned as a partner with ModusLink, they too have had their share of complications resulting in delayed Vista discs. As for ModusLink, one of their representatives simply stated “Is it possible customers have had to resend things and are still not happy? Yes, and I apologize for that.”

But in the end, a Vista upgrade does not an apology make…

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