This section includes information on any kind of updates to this website, both past and future. I will log all my progress developing this website on this page. If there is something new in the works or if I thought of a good idea to try out, I will list it here. Also, if anyone else would like to create a website similar to this one, this page should serve as a guidline for what and how I developed certain sections of the site.

Website Additions:

  • Added a Google Analytics plugin
  • Configured FeedBurner for the site, includes both email subscription and FeedCount display.
  • Added SBM (SideBar-Modules plugin) to organize and manage various sections of this website. This mainly handles the side bar of each page but also manages top and bottom modules for each page.
  • Got the recent posts and recent comments inserted into sidebar.
  • Added CpmFetch plugin for Coppermine to display thumbnail photos pulled from my photo gallery database.
  • June 9 2007: Added a Projects section for all my obsessive brainstoming ideas. For now, this section only includes links to my custom search engines developed with Google Co-o
  • June 11 2007: Added a new list of ping servers to this website so that various websites out there know about my articles the second they are written and published to this website.
  • July 5th 2007: Added a Feeds section to display the various RSS feeds provided on this website.
  • September 3 2007: Added the Lightbox 2.0 plugin to the site in order to show thumbnails and the enlarged photos with a cool looking effect. This can be seen by clicking on the thumbnails in This Post.
  • September 9 2007: Got my Contact page working properly now. Feel free to use this page for suggestions and what-not.
  • September 17 2007: Yes! I sucessfully integrated my Coppermine photo gallery into this website. The formatting isnt 100% tweeked yet but it IS fully functional. Check it out here.
  • December 28 2007:  Installed and setup a sitemaps.org compatible sitemap generator via this XML plugin.

“To Do” List :

  • Install and setup the sitemap generator plugin for automated sitemap via Google Sitemaps
  • Create static sitemap of all articles to be included in a sub page and also global footer of this website
  • Get a contact form working properly so that the general public can get a hold of me. I dont want to provide my email address on this website for the spammers to grab.
  • Compile a list of technology topics to write about
  • Create page for “How To” section and the posts that will populate it.
  • Port this WordPress theme over to the photo gallery so that it seamlessly fits into the rest of the website.
  • Create and add a custom search engine powered by Google to somwhere on this website.
  • Create a “Services” section to list services that I can provide to people. Should include examples and/or portfolio sub-pages. Also a “referal” sub-page to provide links to websites and programs I think are worth a look at.
  • Create a “Military” section to at least mention things I have learned and experienced during the 8 years that was my service in the National Guard.