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This post is simply to get my Technorati Profile up and running…

Technorati.com is a website that indexes all the blogs around the world. People have the ability to create their own free account with them and keep current on all their favorite blogs on the internet. TechnoratiIt is also a handy way for blog owners to keep track of how many other bloggers out there reference and link to their own blog. Technorati has developed 2 main ways of displaying a blog’s popularity. The first is the Authority of the blog, that shows how many other blogs on the internet have linked to the blog in question. Second is the Blog’s Ranking, that displays the blogs rank in comparison to every single blog in the world. For those that would like to put their Technorati stats right on their blogs, Doug Karr has done some good work with plugins and scripts to do just that.

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RJ Ponzio

RJ founded Shore Web Tech LLC in 2011. The mission of Shore Web Tech (SWT) is to help small and medium local businesses take advantage of today's affordable technology solutions. RJ currently holds Google's "AdWords Qualified Individual" certification.

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