Computer Infection / Cleanup

This is probably the most common type of work that I am asked to preform. With all the malicious programs out there, it is sometimes easy to become infected with viruses, spy-ware, and ad-ware. Typically this is caused by less than reputable online games, toolbars, and P2P (peer-to-peer) file sharing programs. These infections can take a varying amount of time to clean depending on the depth of the infection, but I can normally take care of most infections within one to two hours if I have the infected computer in my own shop and not at the owner’s home. This works out better for everyone since I get to use my time more effectivly and I am not sitting at the clients house, charging by the hour for the time it takes to actually scan the computer.
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Computer Upgrades / Repairs

Upgrades and repairs such as RAM (random access memory), Hard Drive (file storage), CPU (central processing unit), Motherboard, NIC (network interface card), Video card. This also includes all peripheral equipment such as printers, keyboard, mouse, tablet, CRT and LCD monitors, iPod, Web Camera, PDA (personal digital assistant), etc… My memory is ordered through Crucial, a division of Micron. All other computer related equipment is purchased through NewEgg. I use these two companies because they both have quality products, a good RMA policy, and quick shipping.
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Computer System Restore / File Recovery

When a computer gets to the point of no return, and is not running stable even after cleaning and repairing of the operating system, a system restore may be your only answer. This can be one of the most difficult times for the owner of the computer system because after a full re-format, all files will be lost and the system is brought back to it’s original state. Often, there are program settings, important documents, and address books left on the computer that need to be recovered. Even if the computer wont start up at all, there is still a good chance that I can salvage most of your files.
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Setup of Wireless Networks / Network Security

In todays world, wireless networks are common in many locations. These WiFi networks are also becoming more and more common in homes and having a WiFi network in your own home can make your internet sharing much simpler. When using a laptop, you wont need to plug into anything to go on the internet. When using a desktop, WiFi can eliminate the need to run cables and wires throught the walls of your home. To top it off, WiFi does not cost as much as you may think, expesially if you already have a broadband setup like a cable modem or DSL.
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Website Design / Redesign / Updates

Both my wife Heather Ponzio and myself have experience designing websites for years. For a quote on website design or just a website update or re-design, feel free to contact me.
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Photo Touchup / Restoration

People like to see pictures of their parents and grandparents when they were young, and many take it for granted that their children and grandchildren will someday enjoy the pictures they take today. However, you probably have experienced yellowing, cracking, and fading of some of your older photographs. Others may have been partially destroyed or lost altogether. Although some photographs can last for generations, none of them are immune to the effects of time… My photo restoration concentrates on the digital removal of marks, stains and colorshifting. Also, a digital re-mapping of the color levels will increase the tonal range of the image, and therefore it’s vivid look.

Photo touchup and restoration cost will depend on the quality of the original.
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Computer Training

I am willing to traing individuals and groups on any topic relating to computers and technology. Common training topics may include: Microsodft Windows (2k/XP/Vista), Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, etc…), Privacy and Security on the Internet, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat Standard/Profressional, the list goes on… All computer training is charged on an hourly basis.
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Pricing & Policies

If not already mentioned above, the following are my standard pricing and policies for computer work.

General Policies:
  • Hourly rate of $60 for personal computer work, not including parts.
  • If you require business class technology services, the rate will be $85 per hour not including parts.
  • Crossroads Realty agents get a 30% discount.
  • Anyone who refers business to me also gets a 30% discount
  • A deposit will be required for any parts required for the job, this deposit will be deducted from the final bill.
  • Client can choose to purchase products themselves, but only with approval.
For Work Done At My Computer Shop:
  • Client will only be charged for time spent actualy working on their equipment.
  • Any time where equipment is running automated tasks are NOT charged for.
  • After two hours of work have accumulated, client will be informed on status of the job and estimated time left.
  • Equipment drop off and pick up will be at a mutually agreed time and location.
For Work Done At Client’s Location:
  • Only available after 5pm weekdays or on weekends.
  • There is NO charge for travel time, but I reserve the right to refuse long distance locations.
  • Hourly rate applies to all time spent at the clients location.
  • At home appointment will be at a mutually agreed time and location.