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VSO WebsiteI finally found it! The little program I have been looking for for over a year now. An easy to use, free, image resizing tool to help real estate agents upload to the MLS. The main MLS in our area (Monmouth MLS) has size limit on the photos you can upload to their system. If you can not easily resize your photos and upload them quickly, they will not be appearing as soon as they should on the 100′s of websites that pull from the MLS directly.

The problem with real estate photos is that you need different quality copies for different uses… If you are designing flyers and brochures, you will need high quality photos and most likely you can use the files that your digital camera automatically makes.

If you are uploading to the MLS (or any website for that matter), you have less of a requirement for high quality. The smaller the file size, the quicker the page will load. VSO Image Resizer does exactly that, quick and simple!

VSO Image Resizer’s simplicity is also a blessing on an overly complicated world when it comes to real estate agents constantly trying to tackle all the new technology tools and services out there. The process of resizing 20 or 40 photos takes almost no time at all due to the fact that the whole process takes only three basic steps.

You can download it from the VSO Software website, and I suggest you do exactly that right now unless you already have it. Once you have downloaded and installed the program, you can come back here and follow the walkthrough…

Step 1 – Start the program and select photos

VSO IconAs soon as you launch the program, the first thing you will see is a standard “Open File” box window, I believe it automatically opens in the “My Pictures” folder by default. You simply need to find the files you want to resize.

Select the all photos with the selection rectangle or you can hold down Ctrl and select them one at a time and then click “Open”

open files

Step 2 – Pick Resize Settings

Now you are going to tell the image resizer how much you want to resize the photos and also where and how to save them. You can pretty much just look at the image below and set everything the same that I did, don’t forget to check the little box at the bottom next to “Save as default” so that the image resizer can remember these settings for next time.


Here is a little more info on the settings above:

  • Profile & Resolution: This is where we set the quality we need. 800×600 is a good all-around choice.
  • Action: Set this to Create Copies. That way you will still have your originals intact and a reduced copy will be created.
  • Destination: Set this to save the reduced copies in the Same Folder as Originals. This way you stay organized and always know that you can find your reduces photos in the same place that their original counterparts are located.

Step 3 – Wait for the photo to process

photo processing

finished processing

That’s really all there is to it, you are now done!

You may be wondering now, “where are the photos?” Well, they are in exactly the same location as the originals, just like we told the image resizer to do. I am also including one last image below so that you can see how to identify the reduced copies from the originals.

copies vs. originals

My image above shows the reduced copies on the left, along side of their original counterparts on the right. You can notice the reduced copies because they have the resolution [800x600] built right into the file names. This reduced resolution, and in turn the file size, is MUCH smaller now and you should have no problems uploading them to ANY websites out there.

Oh yeah, I’d like to say thank you to the guys over at Animoto for recomending this little program on their website!

Good Luck!

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