wizScriber™ Example

This FREE version of the plugin gives you the basics…  For free…   It allows you many lines to write text on, but each line is not allowed to be very long in length.  This particular version of their service pops up a hand in the bottom corner of your website page and writes the text you enter.  You are allowed to have the final text be a link back to your website, or homepage of the website your are already on.   More will have to be discovered through their paid version.  I wanted those cool looking people drawings!!!   No narration also in free version apparently, unless I missed something.   Below are the settings available in the free version for the very example I am using on this page, click to enlarge….


WizScriber Example.....
cant fit many words....
so break into many line
s... like this. Must
be a better way to do
one, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight
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