I have recently started up my own Web Design company called Shore Web Tech LLC.  Provided here are a few resources related to my business, as well as a brief description of the company, followed by my list of website projects that I have worked on in the past.

Shore Web Tech L.L.C.

Shore Web Tech LLC specializes in Website Design, Web Development, and Search Engine Marketing.  As a Managing Member and Co-Founder of Shore Web Tech LLC, I have recently become an official “Google AdWords Qualified Professional” by meeting Google’s criteria and also passing their advances search marketing exam.  I also am very proud to be a member of “Google Engage for Agencies”, an exclusive program that provides me with a wealth of training and support from Google as well as many benefits and free AdWords credits for my clients.  If you are interested in any of these services, please call me at 609-200-1021 or send an email to Info (at) ShoreWebTech (dot) com!

Here are various links to Shore Web Tech Resources:

Website Design & Web Development

**  My Website Design Portfolio Has Moved to a New Company site **
** Please Click Here to View the New Website Design Portfolio **

Custom Search Engines

I have been working on how to use Google Co-op to create my own customized search engines. I am able to create custom branded search pages that are powered by Google and I have a good amount of control over what websites are allowed to show up, which ones are not allowed to show up, or if I want to give priority to a special few websites. This comes in very handy to create a custom search page for some niche subjects out there. The ones I have started working on so far are listed below…

  • New Jersey Real Estate Search: created to help provide more relevant results for real estate professionals searching the Internet as a part of their job.
  • Kid Safe Search: created with my daughter in mind who has fully grasped the concept of Google at the age of 7 and uses it on a regular basis to look for children’s games and pictures of animals.
  • Real Reviews Search Engine: this one was created for myself since I can never seem to find relevant websites out there that actually provide useful reviews on products. This search is geared towards electronics and technology related products.
  • MySpace Search: Customized search for the website with the ability to segment the results using refinement labels. You can refine your search to display the results only for user profiles, user blogs, forum topics, or discussion groups. (you can also visit the Google Hosted version of this customized search engine)

Programming Code

PHP User Info – I have created a page that demonstrate the PHP codes ability to grab information from users. This information is the standard information that all websites collect about their users all the time, although many people are not aware that this is going on.


wizScriber™ Example

This FREE version of the plugin gives you the basics…  For free…   It allows you many lines to write text on, but each line is not allowed to be very long in length.  This particular version of their service pops up a hand in the bottom corner of your website page and writes the …

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