Part2: Sales Down, Web Traffic Up?

This article continues on the topic of the CrossroadsRealtyNJ.com website and how it generates leads for agents. While the first article focused on the overall concept, this 2nd installment will focus specifically on the website’s visitors, traffic trends, and how the visitors got to the website in the first place…

Since I am not a real estate agent myself, I can’t really comment on the market conditions but I know overall that home prices have been going down over the last year or two. On the other hand, the one thing that I DO know a great deal about is the internet, and in particular, our company website’s traffic statistics… Believe it or not, Crossroads traffic has been increasing steadily for the last year!

When you look at the month-to-month comparison, you will see a noticeable increase for this year’s first quarter compared to last year… And based on the common increase trend for the summer months, the forecast looks like good news as well! You can come to your own conclusions as to why web traffic is going up and up but market prices are not. My guess is that it has something to do with the fact that home buys are doing their homework and spending more time researching online.

With all the website tools out there, a home buyer could spend a lifetime researching their next home purchase if they wanted to. One tool in particular found at Zillow.com is the home price estimate, or as Zillow named it, the “Zestimate”. Now, while this tool’s accuracy is highly debated, the popularity of it is still growing. Also popular is Trulia.com which “crawls” the World Wide Web constantly looking at every brokers website out there and pulling all that information in to their own website for the public to search. One good thing of note is that Trulia does link back to the respective broker’s website crediting the actual source of this information. It is for this reason in particular that Trulia has actually generated a few leads for Crossroads.

The chart here shows website traffic and how people get to it. Each source is labeled as the website name that people were on when they clicked a link to come to the website. This is called a “web referral” and is NOT to be confused with a real estate referral. Not all of these people that get referred to our website will end up generate a lead, only a small percentage actually. However, these statistics DO show the overall popularity of the website and who should be credited with giving Crossroads it’s newest unique visitors.

Click HERE to look at a higher quality chart in PDF format.

You will notice that since last summer, Google.com is the #1 source of new visitors. In fact, just this month, Google ALONE has contributed over 10% of the total website traffic! This has to do with a great number of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) projects that I worked on last year that are really starting to pay off. I have no doubt that this trend will also continue in the future.

Realtor.com is consistently in 2nd place…

followed by Yahoo.com in 3rd place.

MSN.com and Trulia.com have both been fighting for 4th place all the way back to September 2006, but I predict that Trulia will come out on top over the next month or two given their current growth trend.

Still more to come in Part3, keep an eye out for it!

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  1. Janet Levy

    That search engine work was essential for us. I’m glad to hear that traffic on our site is rising. Even if sales are down currently, that will play a huge role in attracting future buyers.

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