Part1: Internet Lead Sources

This is the first installment of the series of articles describing the CrossraodsRealtyNJ.com website traffic and how it generates leads for the agents. We will start off with a overall understanding of the ways internet leads are generated….

Real estate leads from internet sources are becoming more and more the norm these days. As a matter of fact, there are agents out there that are focusing almost entirely on internet leads and doing very well for themselves. As for Crossroads, the most common internet leads are generated directly from the following websites:- CrossroadsRealtyNJ.com

- Realtor.com

- RetireOceanCounty.com

Now, this is not to say that other websites don’t play a significant factor in generating these leads. Many potential clients originally start their home searching on other websites. When they are done with their internet research and are ready to talk to a Realtor, that is when we want them to be funneled to the Crossroads website. And, as long as the person ends up at one of the above websites, they will generate a lead for one of the agents.

This chart shows “roughly” the breakdown of where the company website leads originate from.

- “Direct Visit” means the visitor did not click a link to reach the website.
- “Organic Search” means an authentic search engine like Google, Yahoo, MSN…
- “Website Referral” means the visitor clicked a link on another website to reach Crossroads, also called a “Back-Link”
- “Google AdWords” is a paid service that shows ads on the Google search results, usually seen on the right side of all searches.

CrossroadsRealtyNJ.com Leads

Now, the leads that I have the most amount of information on are the leads that end up coming from the main website itself (CrossroadsRealtyNJ.com). There are three different types of leads on the website:

– User clicks on the “Request More Info” link. This is displayed on both the summary of listings page after a user does a search and then again on each listing’s detail page. This is the most popular and most productive type of lead.

– User requests information on the “Contact Us” page of the website

– User submits information about their home on the “Market Value Opinion” form

* There are other ways a visitor to the website can contact an agent but these are used for many reasons that are not always related to an actual real estate deal that would constitute as a “Lead”. The main one of these ways is the “Email Agent” link that is found in the listing’s detailed page and also on each agent’s profile page and this is often used for correspondence as well as leads.

Realtor.com Leads

As Crossroads Realty’s main paid website, Realtor.com generates a very good amount of leads for us. I am sure that this is at least partially due to the fact that we have the “enhanced” presence on all the listings and the simple fact that “Realtor.com” is practically a household name now and is often one of the first websites that people go to when they start their home research. The leads from Realtor.com come in the following two different forms:

- One type of lead is sent directly from the realtor.com website to the email address of the agent when the users wants to contact the agent specifically. Slightly similar to the “Email Agent” function of the Crossroads company website. Although, this form of lead is not tracked as well as all the others since it does not involve bringing the user to Crossroads’s website.

- The other form is when realtor.com provides a link to listing information on the company website, and then from there, the potential client will generate a lead directly from the Crossroads website to the agent. For this type of lead, Realtor.com will be listed in my statistics for referring the user to the Crossroads website and I will credit them with being the source of this particular lead.

Thats all for now,

Find out more in Part 2 of this article…

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