Only 1 More Year of Support for Vista

That’s right, if you are one of the few Windows Vista users out there that are still running a “home” version of the product, you will not get mainstream support anymore for Windows Vista after April 10th of 2012.  According to Microsoft’s Product Lifecycle, all mainstream support for Windows Vista “Home” will end in about a year.  Although, extended support for the “Business” and “Enterprise” versions will not end for an additional five years.

Mainstream support, means that basically, you will not see anything new added to Vista after that date.  From what I understand, you will still continue to receive security updates no matter what version you are running due to the “Extended Support” date which does not end officially until April 11th 2017.  You can thank all those companies out there that purchased Windows Vista Business.

An interesting side-note from Microsoft is that their new browser, Internet Explorer 10, is not expected to run on Vista at all.  Since Internet Explorer 10 is not scheduled to launch until shortly after Vista expires, Microsoft does not have any plan to provide support for it running on Vista…   Very odd behavior if you ask me.  Every other browser out there is platform independent, let alone version independent.  For example, other popular browsers like Firefox, Chrome and even Safari will run on all current versions of Windows, Mac, and Linux.  If Microsoft continues down this path, I don’t think it will help them gain any more followers of Internet Explorer.

So, just an FYI to all you Vista “Home” users out there.  Keep these dates in mind when you are deciding when to purchase your next computer.

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