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Just recently (this morning) a few agents noticed that the Realtor.com “Resource Center” has a whole new look. Of course this happens less than a week after I gave a class covering the older version. So is the way with all technology services it seems…

After my first look over, there does not seem to be too much different in the functionality of the new resource center now referred to as the “Solution Center”. All I can see at this point is layout and cosmetic changes. For example, the login section in now located in a column on the left fo the page instead of the right and the graphics have been changed. As I learn more information on this new Realtor Solution Center, I will let you know.

You can check out the new solution center HERE.

Also, I would ask that you let me know your thoughts on this new look and if it has any impact on your business.

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RJ Ponzio

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  1. Brainerd Minnesota Real Estate Agent

    Could you tell me what the benefits of using this is? I went to that site but you need to login to use it. Does it tell you about the local real estate market?

  2. RJ Ponzio

    The Realtor.com Resource Center is the “back end” login for Realtors to access information about their listings and enhance them. This service is not free however. Our broker pays for this enhancement and provides it to all our agents.

    Once in the resource center, you are able to edit your listings, add up to 25 photos, add a video about the home, and view statistics on how many “impressions” your listing had on Realtor.com (stats are broken down by day/week/month/year). The only thing is, those impressions count the number of times your listing appeared in the search results as well as how many times people viewed the full detail page on your listing, Realtor.com has not broken down this information as of yet like Trulia has.

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