Meeting Notes: RELO

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, formerly know as RELO, gave a presentation Monday for the managers of Crossroads Realty, Inc. The following are a few brief points that came up during the presentation…

  • www.reloHomeSearch.com is the website address we provide to clients on our company website, it allows them to search for a home anywhere in the nation. It is actually preferred that each agent provide this service directly to the client by preforming the national search for them, this way the client isn’t lost to another company in the RELO network. Crossroads will be removing this link (or at least change the way that it functions) on our new company website that should launch in the next 3-6 months.
  • A new version of the RELO home search website will be launching on May 31st 2007
  • Leading RE is a NATIONAL network and this fact should be taken advantage of by each individual agent adding a line to their email signature and/or personal websites stating that clients are able to search for a home anywhere in the nation as well as our specialty markets.
  • Agents should NEVER put a link on their own website that goes directly to www.reloHomeSearch.com
  • The percentage of home buyers doing research online is still increasing
  • During a sales meeting, agents should fully explain Leading RE to their clients as well as Crossroads’s other special services such as our in-house mortgage company, insurance company, etc…
  • As soon as a client lists the property with Crossroads Realty, Inc. it automatically is uploaded onto 700 websites around the country via our agreement with Leading RE
  • inside.LeadingRE.com – A new feature that functions as an Intranet website for use by Crossroads Realty that will incorporate into the Crossroads Portal in some way

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  1. Sharon Asay

    It’s great to be able to read the minutes from an in-house meeting. It brings a feeling of “Team” to mind without actually attending the meeting. Being kept up-to-date on current Company news is very motivating. Thank you !

  2. Marc Williams

    I agree with Sharon, “TEAM” building via the link to the meeting is a great asset. As i am on vacation i still like to be plugged in via the web.

  3. Janet Levy

    HERE HERE! Nice job, as always RJ. Although it is the managers’ job to relay the information that is received at these meetings, I think it is a great way for agents to feel included in what’s going on and that the company is making a point to keep them informed and equipped to provide better service to their clients. Thanks!

  4. Domenick Marmorato

    We are all part of the same “team”. We all have the same goal. The company wants to add to their profits. We want to maximize our earnings. Any tools the company wants to supply or share with us, we should eagerly grasp and utilize and benifits all parties. I like to consider us one big happy family, all working together toward this same goal. This is a perfect size, family owned company which offers us much more than is available at the big “chains” or small local mom and pop operations. I commend the company and RJ for communicating so much, so frequently through various formats to the agents. With the advent of the internet and its impact on the Real Estate industry, I look forward to future articles and correspondence aimed at aiding us in our efforts. Best to all.

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