Meeting Notes: Realtor.com

A little while back Crossroads Realty sat down with Realtor.com to discuss renewing our contract and also new features of the Realtor.com website. The following article is a brief outline on the key points brought up during that meeting…

  • The minimum amount of photos that your listings can have are 6 (six)
  • The more photos that you include in your listings, the higher they will rank in the search results when buyers are searching for a home
  • The addition of a virtual tour will count as an extra photo, also raising your rank in the search results
  • The maximum amount of photos that you can have for any given listing has now been raised to 25 (twenty-five) Take advantage of this!
  • You are allowed a 1 (one) FREE video upload for each listing. This video must be created by you, not Realtor.com and could include such things as a walk-through of the home or a commercial type of video about yourself, the property, or the neighborhood in general.
  • Realtor.com offers a variety of other FREE services to all Crossroads Realty agents such as a free blog and also free online training
  • The Realtor.com online training is available on their website where you can chose a time and date that works for you to participate in the online classroom. There are many times available for any given class
  • Let your clients know that, because of our enhanced presence on Realtor.com, their listing will also be distributed to the real estate section on the AOL & MSN networks ( as well as a few other popular search engine networks )
  • Realtor.com will also be launching a few more features over the next 4-6 weeks, I will let you know about them as soon as I do

* I am curently gathering an updated master list of ALL the websites that our listings show up on. This list can be used when presenting your services to your clients. I am also accepting any information or suggestions you may have on this list.

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  1. Marc Williams

    Thanks RJ. IF anyone needs multi photos and can’t do them well, call me, I’ll try to shoot in the early AM or sunseting PM. Have camera, will shoot!!

  2. Donna Weygant/ Leisure Knoll

    Do we have a specific company to do Visual Tours or do we do multiple pics and attach?

  3. RJ Ponzio

    You can use whatever company you want for Virtual Tours. FloorPlanOnline.com and VisualTour.com are the common ones I have seen.

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