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Alkemis LogoWow, I was really impressed when I came across this website. Although a little slow to load at first, it is a wonderfull mashup of API’s that are available for anyone to use. It includes Google’s Traffic reporting, Yahoo!’s Traffic info, and much more… To top it off, there are traffic web-cams also pin pointed on the map to see live traffic flowing down the streets at intersections and overpasses. Not all cities are mapped but if you have to travel to NYC anytime, this would come in very handy for avoiding traffic delays and accidents.

Traffic Cam

I was quite surprised that traffic cameras were available to the general public, I had always figured this technology was highly guarded by the transportation department. But a quick Google search and look what I find! The New York City Department of Transportation has all the cameras available for viewing right on their website.

Ever time I look around, I find a new website out there accomplishing what I didnt think was possible before… Nice job Local.Alkemis.Com!

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