How to Remove Internet Explorer 11

“How do I get rid of Internet Explorer 11″  You ask?

Well, I will show you exactly how to do just that by uninstalling it…

Step one: Find Windows Update

Windows Update is listed in your programs list, commonly found in the start menu (oops, sorry Windows 8 users, you don’t have a start menu, you can find Windows Update another way).  When you located Windows Update, click on it to open the Windows Update Screen.


Step Two: Click on View update history


Step Three: Click on where it says Installed Updates

This screen will show you all of the updates that Windows has already installed for you (if you wanted it to or not), although you can not remove any of them from here, you must click on the link that says Installed Updates as shown in the image below…


Step Four: Find Internet Explorer 11, Click Uninstall

Now you need to (A) find Internet Explorer 11 in the long list of updates ( you may have to scroll for a while!).  When you do spot Internet Explorer 11, you can (B) either right-click on it or select the top Uninstall button as shown below…


Step Five: Click Yes to the “are you sure” message…


Step Six: Your are Done!  Now just hang in there and wait a bit…

I have seen the uninstall of Internet Explorer 11 take anywhere from 10 minuets to a half hour, so hang in there.  You will most likely be asked or told to restart your computer during the uninstall, this is normal so please do so.  Just be happy with the fact that when the removal of Internet Explorer 11 is complete, you will no longer have all those compatibility problems with websites!



Let me know if this article helped you by posting your comments below.   Thanks for reading!


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  1. Maria

    How about with a Mac computer.
    Is the 7 safari compatible with what we have?

  2. RJ Ponzio

    Safari is partially compatible with the Monmouth MLS, they also promise to move to a new system that will be compatible with everything by the end of 2014. Although that is a long ways away for some of us…

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