Hold Off on Windows “Vista”

As some of you may have noticed, there is a new version of windows floating around the world called “Vista”. While I do agree it looks prettier than prior versions of Windows, I would be VERY cautious of using it just yet.

The handy thing is that some companies out there are offing Windows XP on a new computer with a free option to upgrade to Windows Vista later on when you are ready. If you have this kind of option, by all means go for it. Other than that, stay away from anything Vista for at least 6 months

Last time Microsoft came out with a new version (Windows XP), it took months before people were able to actually use all their equipment (printers, scanners, camera, iPod type MP3 players, etc…) And then the same thing happened again when XP got “upgraded” to their second collection of major upgrades and updates (formally referred to as Service Pack 2 or simply “SP-2″). Installing SP-2 essentially broke XP computers all over the world at first and there was a major backlashe at Microsoft for it.

Basically, my point is this… Do NOT be a ginniepig for Microsoft. Windows Vista is not fine tuned yet and expect to have problems doing things as simple as printing…

Ok, from what I have heard while reading reviews of Vista and also from personal experience… The wireless connection software built into Vista DOES work fairly well and even looks similar to that of Windows XP. This will be a much welcomed familiarity to many users out there who are overwhelmed with all the new things to learn while first checking it out.

This brings us to the age old issue that with each new version, Microsoft insists on either renaming, moving, or changing the complete look of everything. For example, Windows Vista still has the MY Computer icon, but of course, the name has been changed to simply a Computer. This is not anything to get scared of, but when you notice that everything in the entire computer has been changed slightly like this, it makes the learning curve a bit steeper. Expecially when all you really want to do is get up and running so you can use your computer.

Ok, now for the really bad news One of our agents at Crossroads Realty, Inc. has already purchased a new computer running Windows Vista. She was able to get on the wireless network well enough but ran into a problem installing the office printer. I came to help her out and went to HP’s website to download the printer driver for the Vista version of Windows.

What did I see on the screen instead? A large notice that stated…

Vista Drivers Coming Soon

SOON?… Why not now?… I mean, it’s not like HP didn’t know that Vista was coming out in January 2007. After all, HP itself is making Windows Vista the ONLY option when buying its own branded computers.

Not sure who dropped the ball on this one but I sure know who will pay the price for it we will. On the HP website, it does mention that they promise to have the drivers available before July 2007 but that is not the most reliable time frame when people have already purchased their new computers.

You have been warned…

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