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A notebook or netbook gives many people the independence that has become a necessity in life: You can work outside of the office, watch a DVD on the plane, send e-mails to friends from the coffee shop; but the limited battery time often cuts the fun short, even though many manufacturers promise the batteries will last much longer. In this article, I will show you how to noticeably extend the battery life of your laptop, resolve incorrect PC settings and teach Windows how to save on some energy.

The following general tips help gain you valuable time, whether it’s for working on the move or enjoying your time off. Quick changes for long-lasting battery operation:

  • #1 Reduce your Screen Brightness
    Your laptop screen eats up power relentlessly. Dim the brightness of your screen using the function keys on your notebook to greatly reduce battery consumption.  I can not stress this enough, the brightness of your screen is by far the #1 power drain.
  • #2 Remove or Turn Off Unnecessary Devices
    Unplug USB sticks or external drives from your notebook in order to extend your battery life, and only turn on energy-zapping devices such as WiFi receivers, network connections, webcams, and DVD drives when you actually need them. At other times, you can turn them off using the function keys, the Windows device manager, or special energy-saving programs.
  • #3 Use “Max Battery” Mode
    Reduce your computer’s power consumption by clicking on the little battery icon on the task bar and then selecting “Max Battery” mode. Although this does slightly reduce processor and graphics performance, your battery will last significantly longer.  Depending on what you mainly use your laptop for, this option may not be fore some people.

One of the energy saving programs that can also save you on some battery life is TuneUp Utilities.  I have personally used their product since 2004 and have come to love many, if not all, of the handy utilities that are bundled in the software.

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Unnecessary background programs and the stylish glass-look interface on Vista® and Windows 7® suck the battery dry also. A quick tip for those that just want a set-it-and-forget-it solution is to just use TuneUp Utilities. The Turbo Mode option in this optimization software not only switches off unnecessary hardware, but also deactivates battery-draining Windows functions such as defragmentation, Windows indexing and searching for Windows updates. You can activate Turbo Mode simply by clicking once on the TuneUp Utilities start page.

The people over at TuneUp carried out a test on two notebooks configured identically to see the real world benefits of Turbo Mode.  They took two laptops (1.86 GHz Core 2 Duo, Windows 7®) and, with Turbo Mode switched on, the battery lasted a whole 30 minutes more!

Note: If your primary concern is with your battery life, you should not activate the “Maximum Performance” function. Click on the “Wrench Icon” in the right-hand corner, near the Turbo Mode button, and then on the “Next” button until you see the “Optimize performance without considering energy consumption” checkbox. Un-check this option to deactivate.


Any notebook or netbook can run for longer with simple energy-saving tips for Windows and the power-saving Turbo Mode from TuneUp Utilities. It’s surprising to know that in some of their tests, they were even able to increased battery performance from an initial 1 hour 45 minutes to an impressive 3 hours 50 minutes, more than doubling battery life, Wow! Can your notebook match that? (* of course, your mileage may vary based on models and configuration)

Keep your PC in shape for the long term: Buy TuneUp Utilities 2010 Now!

Would you like to try before you buy? No problem! They also offer a trial version. See for yourself how impressive this software really is and download a free 30-day trial of TuneUp Utilities.

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