Fire At Barnegat

Starting before 3PM on May 15th, a massive forest fire started to consume 15,000 acres of the New Jersey Pinelands. The Air National Guard has claimed responsibility for the insident stating that a counter-measure was ejected from the plane during a training exersize and landed in the forest where the fire originated…

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At about 4PM the smoke filled sky was visible from my house and a constant sound of emergency vehcles making their way down the parkway started. Firedepartments from half the state along with county and state units responded to this massive fire.

Around 5PM I started to notice ashes of the fire that fell on my front lawn. Most were about an inch in size and resembled charcoaled looking bark or branches. The surprising part is that the fire was miles away at teh time.

I live within walking distance to the Parkway and approx 5 miles from the location where the fire was last reported at around 6PM. The firefighters organized a perimiter around the fire and designated the NJ Parkway, Rt 72, and Rt 539 as the limits. Some of the northern flames managed to cross the Rt 72 boundry, but not too far.

Several Communities were evacuated in Stafford and Barnegat. An unknown number of homes were on fire to include the clubhouse building of the Brighton At Barnegat community.

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  1. Heather

    RJ actually sent in some of these photos to Asbury Park Press and they put some of them up on there website that day. The funny thing is you could even buy the photos from there site which is wierd to see your photos for sale somewhere.

  2. John Jelinski

    Living in Barnegat, we had a chance Sunday after my 9year olds soccer game in Manahawkin to drive Rt 72 and 539 to see the damage. Rt 72 showed alot but 539 south of 72 by the bombing range had alot more. All those interested in seeing it should try there.

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