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“Drip e-mail” is a term used to describe a marketing campaign that keeps clients (or potential clients) informed about your business through periodic emails. Due to anti-spam laws, you should collect these emails yourself from past clients and ask if they know anyone who would be interested in your services or any other information you intend to include in your emails. You should NEVER buy lists of email address from random sources since this could violate anti-spam rules and regulations. In order for your email campaign to be legit, you must only broadcast your emails to people who have either done business with you in the past or have shown reasonable intent to need your services in the near future.

From my research and testing out of their 60 day trial membership, Constant Contact is one of the most reputable companies I have run into that handle drip email campaigns for you. Their trial membership is completely free, lasts 60 days, and does not require a credit card. If you are happy with their service and want to continue using it, you can pay the monthly fee of $15. The monthly fee can go up depending on how many people you are emailing but most people stay in the $15 range with under 500 email addresses. If your list of email addresses grows to the 500-2,5000 range, your monthly fee will go up to $30.


  • Ability to send unlimited emails to your list (monthly fee is based on number of unique email addresses in your list.
  • New features added automatically
  • Unlimited phone (toll-free in the US) and email support.
  • Access to online user community and support blog
  • Hosting of your contact lists and up to 5 images (additional fees apply for more than 5 hosted images) These images can be used in your emails.
  • Automatic management of opt-ins, opt-outs and bounces
  • Tool usage — list building tool, gift reminder, and Send Page to a Friend
  • Statistic recording for real-time reporting
  • Email campaign scheduling for a specific date and time

This service can vastly simplify your drip email campaign for you since all you have to do is collect the email addresses and write your email. Your email can be anything you want it to be like a newsletter, market forecast, or a “Just Listed” type. When you are done composing your email, you can easily send it out to everyone on your list and the Constant Contact service will keep track of the statistics.

“Remove Me From The List”

This feature of Constant Contact is managed for you. After sending out an email, you will be given statistics of who wants to “opt-in” and who wants to “opt-out” of your future emails. You will also get information on “bounces”, these are email addresses that are not valid and got “bounced” back to you with a message that it was “undeliverable”. This could mean that an email address on your list was either misspelled, no longer exists, or was falsely given to you.

As long as your email stays on topic and includes valuable information, there will be few people who decide to “opt-out”. The key is to be fresh and insightfull and not simply bombard people with the same listing information they can find everywhere else on the internet.


Constant Contact proves to be fairly inexpensive for a well needed service. My suggestion is to try out the 60 trial and find out for yourself. Since the internet is only becoming more popular to keep in contact with your clients, you will have to adopt one service or another eventually and this one is a good place to start.

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