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How to Remove Internet Explorer 11

“How do I get rid of Internet Explorer 11″  You ask? Well, I will show you exactly how to do just that by uninstalling it… Step one: Find Windows Update Windows Update is listed in your programs list, commonly found in the start menu (oops, sorry Windows 8 users, you don’t have a start menu, …

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Rogue Anti-Virus is Spreading Again!

In the past week alone, I have cleaned more computers infected with fake or “rogue” anti-virus programs, than I have in the first half of 2009.  These programs sneak onto your computer with misinformation and, in some cases, are known to cause havoc.  After the fake anti-virus shows you a list of fake infections, it …

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Rogue Anti-Virus: UPDATE

This is a quick update to my previous article on fraudulent anti-virus. If you happened to get infected with one of these programs, I have found a new scanner that will actually get rid of it for you.  Now…  I typically scan with Symantec AV Corp, AdAware, and Spybot…  Although, none of these were able …

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Rogue Anti-Virus is Taking Over

Over the last year or so, I am running into more and more computers that have been infected with rogue anti-virus software. Now spreading from hundreds of different websites based in various foreign countries, these fraudulant anti-virus programs are starting to take over.

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