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Ok, I am a Google fanboy. Simple, intuative, and sometimes groundbreaking.

Websites On Strike to Protest SOPA and PIPA

Google on Strike

The entire purpose the internet was created was to share information.  There are litterally thousands of technologies and services that would not exist right now if it was not for the inherant sharing ability of the internet.  Here is a just a sample of the websites that are going black today in protest of a …

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Trulia Background Info


The following is some background info on Trulia that I have compiled. Over the last few years, Trulia has become a very popular national housing search website.  Due to some outstanding SEO work, Trulia ranks on the first page of Google for just about any township when I search for real estate. Trulia, Inc. (, …

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Google’s FREE 411 Service

Google’s local business information service launched back in April 2007 and it has come a long way.  With millions of callers now served, 1-800-GOOG-411 has become a popular speed dial on most cell phones and could surpass the traditional 411 services provided by your phone company that usually adds charges to your bill.

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