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Animoto has finally come out with their download feature! You can now download your Animoto videos to your own computer in the .MP4 (H.264 QuickTime) format and you are free to use them wherever you want. I have been waiting for Animoto to announce this feature ever since I started playing around with their new-age slideshow technology back in September. It really is amazing, you simply upload any number of photos and pick a song… Animoto will then start developing your custom video slideshow for you and then send you an email when the video is done processing. The video effects and transitions are top-notch and you never get the same results twice! Also, with this new download feature, you are able to take your video and upload it to other various video sharing websites like YouTube. Or, you can just watch it on your computer, iPhone, etc… to show off to family and friends.

Nice work Animoto. Keep the new features coming!

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