This is my website on just about everything. You can find information here on pretty much any subject that I am interested in at the time, although most of them will be focused on technology in general and web development. If it so happens that an off-hand subject interests me and I feel the need to pass it on to others, I will add it… If I realise I have a number of very similar topics, I will end up grouping them together into a new category.

Basically, I consider this website an evolutionary exploration into learning new things of any kind. I hope that through my own curiosity and hunger for knowledge, I find information that I can pass on to others that are on a similar quest. I guess knowing that I helped someone else understand a topic they previously thought was over their head would be my biggest reward.

You will notice that there are also articles relating to my full time job as the IT Director of Crossroads Realty, Inc. I have created a category specifically for the articles that I feel might benefit the agents at Crossroads. This is not to say that those articles were written just for Crossroads, although a small number of them will be. During the day, I am constantly learning new things there relating to any given subject of technology…  and I always find that it’s the constant learning part of the job that keeps me going from day to day.