Monthly Archive: August 2008

Animoto Reaches the 1 Year mark

Animoto launched out of beta and Celebrated it’s first anniversary on Tuesday, August 26th 2008. Over the last year, Animoto has come a long way developing it’s MTV style slideshow technology. Animoto has developed many new features since I last wrote about their MP4 download feature back in December of last year: 3/08 – Animoto …

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Rogue Anti-Virus: UPDATE

This is a quick update to my previous article on fraudulent anti-virus. If you happened to get infected with one of these programs, I have found a new scanner that will actually get rid of it for you.  Now…  I typically scan with Symantec AV Corp, AdAware, and Spybot…  Although, none of these were able …

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Rogue Anti-Virus is Taking Over

Over the last year or so, I am running into more and more computers that have been infected with rogue anti-virus software. Now spreading from hundreds of different websites based in various foreign countries, these fraudulant anti-virus programs are starting to take over.