Monthly Archive: May 2007

“How To” Avoid Spam

This article was updated from the one I published on… Spam is a never-ending nuisance that requires everyone involved to help out. The main way to prevent Spam is to not let your e-mail address reach the spammers in the first place. Now, while this is easier said than done, I will provide a …

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Google Analytics

Some internet users who are a bit on the paranoid side intentionally block the Analytics script fearing that their privacy is being compromised. I for one can tell you that no personal information is collected from the script…

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Meeting Notes: RELO

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, formerly know as RELO, gave a presentation Monday for the managers of Crossroads Realty, Inc. The following are a few brief points that came up during the presentation…

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is primarily a CPC (Cost per Click) advertising service. AdWords shows ads to people in the Google search results. This also includes 3rd party search engines powered by Google… The best part is that you are only charged when people actually click on your ads.

Fire At Barnegat

Starting before 3PM on May 15th, a massive forest fire started to consume 15,000 acres of the New Jersey Pinelands. The Air National Guard has claimed responsibility for the insident stating that a counter-measure was ejected from the plane during a training exersize and landed in the forest where the fire originated…

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