Monthly Archive: February 2007

Part1: Internet Lead Sources

This is the first installment of the series of articles describing the website traffic and how it generates leads for the agents. We will start off with a overall understanding of the ways internet leads are generated….

Hold Off on Windows “Vista”

As some of you may have noticed, there is a new version of windows floating around the world called “Vista”. While I do agree it looks prettier than prior versions of Windows, I would be VERY cautious of using it just yet. The handy thing is that some companies out there are offing Windows XP …

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Viruses, and Spam, and Phishing… OH MY!

It seems there never is an end to the amount of malicious or even just annoying online occurrences such as virus infections, spam messages and phishing scams trying to steal your bank account info… For instance, on average… In just one days time, Crossroads Realty blocks about 8,000 spam messages, 175 viruses, and 125 phishing …

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Blogging for Real Estate Agents

Today we had our second class on blogs here at Crossroads. Yesterday was for the Office Managers, today was for the agents that are up for trying out new things. Overall I think these classes have tremendously helped broaden our agents understanding of the Internet and the way that it is a ever-evolving animal…

Have A Link Open A New Window

This article relates to There is a way to have your links open a new window from within your blog, although this requires you to switch to the scary “HTML” mode while creating your new post. the code that you need to add is ( target=”_blank”) without the parenthesis… Examples Using The Crossroads Portal …

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